Google Play Store v5.2.12 Apk Download

Google Play Store v5.2.12 APK download

Google Android operating system is a new update for the official application store Play Store launched. Which will be implemented in the enhanced version Play Store 5.2.12 without visible changes were observed, the app store users by correcting many errors reported.
Bug fixes that the update message Android Police website has analyzed the APK file to the new Google Play and bringing the future of Google released a number of innovations.
Apparently Google application works details of the new scheme. In addition, a number of institutional structures for innovation or editing on the go. Permit in the coming period to the opening of a business account to Google's. When connected to the corporate network or VPN account of these public employees to applications.
We are waiting for the innovations in the download Google Play Store will be is not limited. Play Store special discounts to users in becoming possible. Google is preparing checks for discounts
Other innovations that will be added to Google Play; Play Store as a short survey that will be applied to users and is going to be an edit, refuse their position
. Google Play Store Rev Android app download

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