Whatsapp v2.11.514 Android Apk App

Whatsapp v2.11.514 Download apk you can get Voice Calling Feature

Within a short period Whatsapp has amassed millions of users all over the world, but the primary complaint that everyone had was, it does not allow to call. It's about to change now!
If you are wondering what the Whatsapp v2.11.515 apk free download is all about, here's what you should know. It is the latest version of the text messaging app that comes with the voice call function that will let you call friends and family over the internet. The feature is especially useful because it will break boundaries and make this app a new competitor for Skype and Viber, which are ruling the scenario for a long time.
Whatsapp vs. Skype vs. Viber
Viber is really good no doubt, is a smartphone app which directed you to call. But it is not so popular all over the world, such as WhatsApp and the user base does not as a competitor. Only a select group of people are known, in particular the Western much, since those on the other side of the world often use WeChat, WhatsApp or something else. Moreover, it is good for the voice call, but not the best text messaging experience.
Skype has been out for a long time with Microsoft's support, but the problem is that it is professional and has become the 'go to' choice for business users. Most companies rely on this software for their international and local calls without paying an exorbitant fee. It is not designed for smartphones, because the creators originally focused on the PC. Although it has a presence on smartphones and tablets, it is not as user-friendly and reliable as other apps.
Why Whatsapp's Voice Calling so interesting?

  • The Whatsapp v2.11.514 apk download, you will eventually be able to make phone calls on your SMS app. Unlike any other software or app, it stands out from the rest of the crowd with its unique features and accessibility.
  • Most of your friends can install this one, making it much easier to place calls without asking them to install it.
  • A large group of people who are new to the smartphone scenario uses WhatsApp because the app is compatible with even low-end feature phones and is known by the group.
  • It has a simple interface, has better range and light on the device's hardware unlike other voice apps
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