HTC One M9

The many leaks information about the upcoming HTC One (M9) inspiration for many designers to show their views on this new device in the form of RA. Earlier we wrote was an article about the work of various graphic designers, but now there is a whole series of photos appeared online.
HTC One M9
Manufacturer HTC launching a new flagship times a year and after the One (M7) and One (M8) is expected this year we see the One (M9). At the end of March, presenting this device is HTC at Mobile World Congress and of course everyone is curious how the device will look. M7 and M8 contain both an aluminum case, but differed much in appearance. How One (M9) will see is of course debatable, but in recent weeks, there have been lots of leaked details of this device. Earlier, we wrote an article containing all the creations of various designers and their ideas about this upcoming HTC flagship and now there is put a new set of RA online.

Ra It makes with the computer is created images are uploaded via the Facebook page of Phone Designer and show the device in various colors and from different angles. On part of the race is at the top of the unit is still to see a power button, will be something not so according to the rumors and the designer has already indicated to create a series of new is where this button is not present. However, it is there to feast on, but you better ratings

HTC One M9 Specifications
5-inch Full HD screen
Like the HTC One M9 leak 5 inches in size comes with a screen. The phone comfortable to be used in one hand, a Full HD screen resolution.
2k screens, given that the filing unnecessary battery consumption and performance, we see that HTC's the right decision. Resolution with our new flagships will be the performance between the phone looks like HTC One M9.
Snapdragon 810 and LPDDR4 RAM
fastest processor solution, Qualcomm 8-core and 64-bit hardware will gain the power of the processor Snapdragon detekleyen 810 HTC One M9, Adreno 430 graphics processor and 3 GB of RAM running fairly quickly in the form of LPDDR4 with the power of the will.
32 and 64 GB of internal storage options, which can be found on the HTC One M9, microSD card support.
Ultra Pixel front camera
HTC One M8 used in the model will be applied to the front camera Ultra Pixel camera technique. Ultra Pixel will the HTC One in front of the M9 4 cams.
Toshiba has been obtained from the alleged 20.7 megapixel main camera will be used to carry the HTC One M9, 4k video.
Android 5.0.2 and Sense 7.0
New generation Sense 7.0 interface and the Android operating system to launch HTC One Sung 5.0.2 M9 will offer a different experience to see the user out . Sources close to the company and emphasizes much change 7.
There is little increase in the battery.
2840 mAh battery with future indicated HTC One with new energy-saving mode of the M9, a serious improvement is announced in a suspended state.

Availability On Sunday, March 1st is a busy day at the Mobile World Congress, which includes HTC will present to the public its new smartphone.

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