Silhouette World v1.1 APK

Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview A slow ! growing collection of peaceful wallpapers
Silhouette World v1.1 APK
Each wallpaper features a subtle interactive element or two. For the moment, three live wallpapers, with more planned

Silhouette World v1.1 APKGone Fishing :.
Gently rocking fishing boat, docked at port. You can rock the boat side to side through with all home screens
SolarWinds :.
Equipped with a space station, spinning on its axis to generate artificial gravity. You can drive run faster with all home screens. The space station will expand its solar panels when the device is charging
Windfarm :.
An array of wind turbines, the power of the wind. You can rotate the turbines faster with all home screens. The wind speed will increase, and the turbines will run faster when the device is charging
Note :.
There is no customization available at this time, however silhouette / gradient color customization is on the drawing. Board

Download: MOT
Zippyshare (1.5 MB)

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Silhouette World v1.1 APK

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