Lucid Launcher Pro v5.8 APK

Requirements: Android 3.0
Overview Lucid is a launcher ! Another type of carrier rocket from the rest
Lucid Launcher Pro v5.8 APK

We do not normally do things, we dare to recreate and innovate new ways to improve the user experience. Lucid launcher revolves around three categories (stability, functionality and usability), which we constantly strive to improve on. Do not be fooled by the size, Lucid Launcher packs a punch while maintaining very fast performance. Packed with features this launcher you can do what you really want to make it your own while maintaining a great look and flow rate during the launcher

Pro version :
Updates 1 day before then free version
Custom Search Text (Look at screenshots)
Sidebar transparency options
Possibility app label Favorites bar
More Page Transition Animations
Vertical Page Transitions hide ( 5th screenshot)
More homepages
Sidebar Themes (more coming soon)
editable Icon Size In Sidebar, Homepage and App Drawer
Prioritized Feature Request implementations VIA Google

More information
Lucid Launcher Pro

What's in this version: (Updated: May 31, 2015)
Hex Color Picker
About section updated
Initial search option
Wallpaper offset settings
Ability to set a custom action bar item color
Long press on the home directory app / add apps (list format)
Hide app to app pop-up menu in the app drawer
Add Auto-hide app drawer to a folder (to disable the tray settings)
Dedicated Folder category settings
Sidebar gestures
New gesture action (search apps)
App drawer app glow with newly installed / updated (off the tray settings)
Download: MOT
Zippyshare (2.4 MB)
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