Gods of Rome REVIEW: Takes the graphic displaying capability of devices to the limit

After awesome hits like Modern Combat series, Dungeon Hunter series, Six Guns and Asphalt, GAMELOFT does it again! This new masterpiece of theirs is called Gods of Rome and is their first take on fighting combat games...

The fans of Gameloft who have played their Modern Combat and Backstab classics will be more than happy to see the old and gold Gameloft coming back to life with a new spirit and aim.

After releasing some small yet nice games like Age of Sparta and Country Friends, Gameloft has released Gods Of Rome.

The game is, in one word, BRILLIANT.
Gameloft has kept their promise, this game truly takes the GPU of your device to the limit. The AAA graphics are amazing and completely realistic, truly a X-Box or PS experience on Android devices.

The gameplay is similar to other fighters like Marvel and Warner Bros stuff, swipe and tap. Some may call it a copy of Marvel Contest of Champions but somewhere, somehow there is something more in this game.

There are intros and outros of each fighter in each fight, something that MKX players crave to get... This makes the game more graphically attractive and makes the player to stick to it.

There are plenty of Gods and Godesses, yeah, some of the Godesses are designed pretty attractive by Gameloft.
Athena, Zeus, Hades and Medusa are some of them, to obtain each, you need to try your luck in the Temple, where Crystals are opened using Devine keys, each having a soul of God trapped in it.

The game is awesome, as already said and you NEED to try it to believe it :)

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