Story Mode Episode 3 Episode 4 reviews Minecraft info

The episode of Minecraft SM 3 is here, and guess what? Episode 3- The last place you look is still the best of what series.

This episode features EnderMen amd The end of the epic Minecraft universe.

Witness, as always, done an amazing job writing and creating this episode ... and beautiful meetings first time, there are more than 10 scene switches and is still the longest episode ( depends on the choices)

Looking for the fifth member, Soren, of the order of the stone, our hero Alex Jesse Reuben n Olivia Petra / Gabriel end to end. The adventures there is great, and become Enderman you ..? What do you want right

Spoiler: End:
You get the Formidi-bomb and destroy the monster. Yes, you do it. You experience the charecter that you thought was eaten by it. They have pink eyes and when you yell their name, he / she says "is ? !! And guess what? 3 heads of the monster to rise because the heart wants Destroyes as said Soren and now you have to fight 3 giant. Ep4 will feature one last fight against the monster

As for a block and A Hard Place, which is ep4, its entry in 2015. We may have to wait until early '16 Finale ...

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