Walking Dead Michonne A TellTale MiniSeries SCREENS/TRAILER+RELEASE DATES

TellTale has finally revealed all details about their next, most awaited, and 1st release of 2016. Walking Dead Michonne's full trailer will be out on Valentine's Day, Sunday (a pretty weird day to release trailer for such game eh?)

Just a few minutes ago TTG revealed the release date and few screenshots of this game.

Episode 1 is called 'In Too Deep' and is set to release on following days on console platforms:

PC/Mac - February 23rd

Playstation Network (PS4/PS3) - February 23rd

Xbox Live (Xbox One/Xbox 360) - February 23rd

iOS - February 25th


Walking Dead Michonne features awesome fight sequences. We saw some in the teaser as well

The story is....unheard...,
and...intense. First 5 minutes, as said by J.J.Stauffer, are emotional AND most chilling, compelling the player to continue

Whats more? Episode 2: Give No Shelter will be released in March, followed by Finale- What We Deserve, in April! Thats something awesome, right? :D

Lastly, TellTale said:
The Telltale team has been very hard at work in the world of the undead, and while a full third season of The Walking Dead is also currently deep in development, we don’t expect to be able to share any details until after this miniseries concludes. What we can say is that we expect this to be our biggest year for The Walking Dead we’ve ever had, and we’re excited to share this decidedly very different story with Michonne that will explore some themes we’re truly excited about bringing to the interactive space. So tune into our Youtube channel this Sunday for an extended preview, and set your sights on February 23rd for the long-awaited return of The Walking Dead!

Thats even more awesome for TTG fans, Classic, TTG fans ;)
Stay tuned for more

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