Sniper Fury 1.4 UPDATE Details Revealed

Sniper Fury 1.4 UPDATE Details Revealed
Yeah well maybe the free movement update was a hoax... Anyway, we are nearing the release of the 4th update for Sniper Fury. With it, there are some changes coming to the multiplayer in the form of Leagues!

Climb the leaderboards by defeating other player's bases and resisting base attacks. When a player attacks a base or his base is attacked, he can receive or lose trophies, depending on the outcome of the battle.The players must gather trophies to increase their rank in the leaderboards and progress to the upper leaderboard levels.

Leagues icons (Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Unranked) - as you can see in the photo above

The top 3 players (icons in order below) from the leaderboard will have special icons displayed in:
the leaderboard - top playerstop bar and friends if it's the caseplayer profilePVP matchmaking screen

Exclusive badges for the TOP 3 Players

Climbing the leaderboards
The players must complete a successful attack to enter the leaderboard. If the score is below the minimum for the lowest league, the player remains unranked. Each league has a minimum entrance score and a demotion buffer. When the score is over a league's minimum score, the player is promoted instantly

Leagues rewards - League Bonuses Finishing a PVP match would reward the bonus stated for each league.

TL; DR: build up your defenses, level up your highest rated squad mates.

Stay close for release info

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