Rail Rush v1.3.1 ( unlimited money )

< table cellpadding align = "center" cellspacing = "0" class = "0 " style = " tr- caption- container " = " margin-left : auto; margin-right : auto; text-align : center "> Rail Rush v1.3.1 ( unlimited money ) < / td> rail Rush Adventure Game for Android miniclips
Google Play Link: rail Rush

Enter your cart and start to explore this frenzy ! Accelerate through these incredibly fast while tilting rails and slide to avoid obstacles .
Your job is to collect gems , so get these nuggets of gold and precious stones! There will be surprises along the way , and special gifts to win if you're lucky ! Break the eggs of rock to reveal what's inside of them and collect all the gems to the collection of your personal browser !
Find new and exciting to explore through the mine roads, and through these special levels to earn more chips ! With many exciting environments in four different positions: . Dash through crazy caves, surf the steam plant , find your way on the Jurassic jungle and explore the tomb of Pharaoh , all this and many levels of surprise will surprise you with their colorful scenarios
You can also equip your cart with power-ups to increase your chances inside the mine, while completing missions and ranking up to become the ultimate explorer

• 12 different characters
• Power Cool ups
• 4 different worlds and many hidden levels •
stunning graphics
• Action packed gameplay
• many achievements in the game
• game statistics •
game leaderboards Center
how long can you last in the rails ? Find out by downloading rail Rush now
What's this version: Please do
rail Rush a success around the world - your continued support we will bring you new content often . And now , another day Rush rail including:
• 3 new characters to help you in the new worlds Prop Doctor Dino killer and Sandy Sultan
• 3 special packages with huge discount : Hurry up because it is a limited Time Offer ! •
complete overhaul
performance • Bug fixes and stability improvements

How to install

Download apk apk intall and play
< h4> Requirements < / h4> ARMv6
Ram : 512MB
HVGA , WVGA , QVGA, tabs
OS Android 2.3.3 dup
Rail Rush v1.3.1 ( unlimited money )
< h3> screen


rail Rush Miniclips Apk Download 26MB < / b>
Rail Rush v1.3.1 ( unlimited money )
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Rail Rush v1.3.1 ( unlimited money )
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password: www.apkgamespoint.com


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